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Exclusive: Miss America Betty Cantrell Marries in Traditional Greek Orthodox Wedding—With a Rustic Barn Twist

Former Miss America Betty Cantrell found some seriously unique ways to marry tradition with modernity in her wedding to Spencer Maxwell on April 13.

The bride, who grew up attending a Greek Orthodox Church in Macon, Georgia, wanted to honor her upbringing while also making the day feel sophisticated and modern—and she was able to achieve […]

January 2018

Christmas is in the air!

The Christmas season has officially arrived! Hay House opened its doors Thursday, Nov. 30, for patrons to preview the elaborately decorated interiors for the ruby anniversary of Hay House being listed on the Georgia Trust of Historic Places. Rubies, the appropriate gift for a 40th anniversary, is the theme of this year’s Christmas at Hay […]

Floral boutique opens in old Joshua’s Cup building

After languishing for several years with an uncertain future, the former Joshua’s Cup on Washington Avenue debuted its new role on Thursday evening, Sept. 7, as an elegant, classically designed studio for Mary Dawson Pinson, who has been wowing her clients with breathtaking floral arrangements long enough to have tongues wagging and excitement at a […]

Floral Designer Opens Macon Studio

In this edition of Right Here we visit Mary Pinson, a floral designer with a new studio in downtown Macon.

Mary Pinson cuts hydrangeas and pushes the stems into a large foam base. She’s getting ready for her grand opening.

“It is for my party,” she said. “This is going to be a flower column so you won’t […]

Floral design studio to open in downtown Macon

A floral design studio will open soon in the same building that was once home for a popular coffee shop, Joshua Cup Coffee, in downtown Macon.

Mary Pinson Floral Design Studio will be a one stop shop for events, according to owner Mary Pinson.